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Today a large number of people don’t represent the life without the Internet any more. The majority from as young people, and is more senior, are registered in some of social network.

In recent years the official site of Facebook enjoys wide popularity among young worship. Here it is possible not only to communicate among themselves, and still to execute many various functions.

Facebook Вход

Entrance to social network Facebook

We visit the website of Facebook.com. Actively to use all services of this social network, you will need to register and create the profile on this website.

Such process absolutely simple can also take you only several minutes.

To have an opportunity to be an active user of social network, and to make registration on Facebook, you will need to adhere to the following algorithm:

Enter on the official site of this company. After you find it in the search engine and you will follow the link, before you the special form for filling will open.

On the same page specify your basic data, such as the Name and the Surname. For confirmation of the actions you should specify the phone number or the e-mail address in this system.
Think up the password for constant login further, specify the date of birth and a floor. You will need to get acquainted with Conditions of use and Policy of usage of data. After that choose the option «create the account».

Further to you will come to mail or the mobile phone registration confirmations. At the indication of e-mail to his address you receive the letter with registration confirmation if entered the phone number, then, you obtain such information in the form of the message on the active number.

At completion of the actions in the course of creation of the new account, having carried out on Facebook an entrance on my page, to you as it will be offered to new user to find and add the friends, to load the main photo that other users could learn and write you personal information on themselves.

How to enter into Facebook and to be registered

After an entrance and registration you will become the owner of the page on this website.

You will be able to enter on the page further in several ways. You will be able to make it via one of search engines. In order that it was possible to visit the page and to carry out there the main operations, pass on one of references of the official site.

To come on the account there is an opportunity and by means of mobile the application which it is possible to download quickly and absolutely free of charge in Play Market or App Store. This way will be very convenient for those who go online from the mobile phone or the tablet. For convenience, at once after his downloading, it is necessary to establish on the main screen, so you will be able quickly to reproduce an entrance on Facebook without long search.

Options of my page

After you made an entrance on Facebook, many various functions will be presented to your attention. You will be able to do transition to different sections at once from the homepage.

As it is correct to adjust the page of Facebook

To manage many sections, as well as the account, it is possible thanks to keys on the top panel. In her top part you will be able to do by pressing of buttons such options:

«requests for additions in friends». Having chosen this offer, it will be offered to you people whom you can know. The algorithm of selection is that the system offers those users at first who with you have mutual friends.

Further, those who live with you in one region;
further the icon of the messenger is placed. If you have a new message then you will be able to see red figure «1» here. After reading of the message such figure disappears;
on the panel on Facebook my page, is a badge of a hand bell which here, as well as on other social networks designates the notice. There can be information that someone commented on your photo, wrote you something on a wall, or, noted in the joint photo.

On the other hand, on the same panel such sections as «Main» when pressing which you will pass into a news feed are placed. There are still such options as «Confidentiality control», «Search of friends» further. Thanks to these sections, you will be able to do the main settings of the page.

Main photo of the user

Each of us undergoes process registration in Facebook with a certain purpose. Some people want to communicate with other users, others to post the photos on the overview, and the others – to share important events or information on themselves. But, despite the fact that, for what purpose you registered, undoubtedly, you want that you were recognized by other users.

In order that your friends could see whose this page, you can add the main photo on the page. Each guest who visits your page at once pays attention to that whose image is placed on an avatar.

If you place any information, or you want to share pleasant records, then, other users will be able to see not only what you share, but the one who exactly does it, at such action, your photo will be at once visible.

Some people instead of the photo place some pictures, or abstract the image. The administration of the website doesn’t recommend to do it as your friends want to see with whom they communicate, but not the picture of the nature, or an animal instead of the person.

To add the photo on the homepage, you need to enter, pass into Facebook to the page and guide the cursor at photos of a profile. At once to appear the option «renew the main image». You will be able to choose the photo as from those which are added already on the website, and from the computer, those images which weren’t sent to the Internet yet.

The photo at addition has to have size 180 on 180 pixels. After loading, the system automatically reduces her to sizes 160 by 160 pixels.

Besides, you will be able to load also the photo of a cover which will be visible only at the entrance on your page. At display of your actions such display won’t be visible.
After addition of the photo, you will be able to change a miniature, and you can leave the image in initial option.

Main information on the user

You can add information on yourself on this social network. It can be data on date, the birthplace, the place of study, number of school, the city accommodation and other information.

In order that other users could learn more about you, you should fill out data on yourself. It is very simple to make it. It is necessary on Facebook, on my page, on social network to make an entrance from the computer or the tablet, phone. Further to choose the section «about itself». Here you will be able to enter such data on yourself:

Survey. Here you have an opportunity to check the personal data which you entered. It can be the marital status, the place of work, and other information.

There is a category «work and education» further. Here you can write number and the name of school where you continued study after her termination, the name and the city of educational institution, the place of work and the professional skills.
If you changed the place of residence, then undressed «places where you lived», will be relevant for you. Here you have an opportunity to enter the current place of your accommodation and to add the hometown.

Further point which the longest to filling, but, at the same time the most informative, it – «contact and main information» is placed. Here you can add the phone numbers, the e-mail address, the place of residence, references to the websites and other social networks on which you are registered. Also, in this section you have an opportunity to add the main information on themselves. It consists of date of birth, a floor, the hobby, language, political and religious outlooks on life.

The following section is information on relatives and the relations. You can add the family who is also registered on this social network. After addition there will be a reference to the page of the relative according to which it will be possible to visit his page quickly. Also here you can display the marital status.

One more point – «details about you». Whether the EU you have some pseudonym, or other name, other users will be able to learn about it. It is necessary just on Facebook on my page for a voytiya to choose the section of information on the user. Here, you have an opportunity to add favourite quotes or the some motto.

The last section in this menu is information on vital events. Except date of birth, you, can also add date of a wedding and others dates, significant for you, here.

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